War Stories and Other Lies

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Contact me  Jerry@jerrykey.com

To order a copy of War Stories and Other Lies email Jerry
or use PayPal. Books mailed in the US are $18 ($15 for the book and $3 shipping in the US) 
Contact me  Jerry@jerrykey.com 

In the UK or Europe to order a copy of War Stories and Other Lies  email Jerry or you can click this PayPal button.
  $27 US ($15 for the book and $12 US dollars shipping to the UK or Europe).  
Contact me  Jerry@jerrykey.com 

If you are in Savannah, Tennessee you can purchase copies of the book at All American Barber Shop on the Florence Road next to the movie theater or at the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street. 

A version for the Kindle is available at
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