War Stories and Other Lies
 That is General George Brown, Chief of the Air Force, pinning a medal on me.

Below is a picture of me in April 1969. You can see the gun I carried on each mission above my right wrist and the knife sewed on my right calf. That round object is the butt of the knife.

This is my Long EZ which is all I get to fly now but it sure is fun.

Here are my two kids, Dharma on left and Daisy on the right. They never ask for the keys to the car but anytime I go somewhere they think they are entitled to go along.

The local little theater group put on the play "Wizard of Oz" and my "girls" played the part of Toto. Daisy did Act One and Dharma did Act Two. They were great. When Dorothy sang "Over the Rainbow" as she hit the last note Daisy reached over and gave her a big lick.

This is the entry way to our first house in Savannah. We still own it but now live in the farm house below.

This is one of my favorite fighter pilot buddies. Tom Wittman and me in Sept of 2009. I still remember when he said "The only thing I know about etiquette is fighter pilots sit down first and stand up last".

One of my hobbies is woodworking. Here is a link to a hardwood floor I put in  our house.
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